In an effort to ensure top-quality products produced with the most modern technology, GroGlass teams with several outstanding universities and research centers. By working with these institutions, GroGlass contributes to the scientific body of knowledge while benefiting from rigorous scientific testing. Examples of specific collaborations include: • Structural and chemical analysis of glass substrates and thin film/AR coatings, using methods of optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and X-Ray diffraction;
• Studies of coated glass surface morphology, including wettability, using methods of optical and atomic force microscopy;
• Measurements on film thickness and reflectometry, using ellipsometer and profilometer methods Studies on micromechanical characteristics of the coated glass, including measurements of micro-hardness, nano-density and modulus of elasticity, evaluation of fragility of the film and adhesion;
• Studies on materials, surface technology and process technology for glass Cooperation in Eureka Project: “Development of a new production technology to temper vacuum coated glass”. • Development and optimization of new technologies for vacuum coatings;
• Development of technology for the commercial production of vacuum coated glass, using method of magnetron sputtering;
• Development and construction of laboratory vacuum coating equipment;
• Production and testing of the new products. • Research on the impact of anti-reflective glass on greenhouse microclimate and the photosynthesis process of the plants;
• Measuring of optical properties of large-size coated glass on specially designed equipment (Ulbricht Integrating Sphere);
• Equipping test greenhouses with GroGlass AR coated glass for horticultural (crop management, physiology and modeling) and environmental durability tests;
• Investigation on energy saving features of greenhouses, glazed with GroGlass AR, ZoWaKAs project Participation in the Eureka Project: the development of a new production technology to temper vacuum coated glass. • Testing and certification of the coated glass products;
• Developing procedures and methods for the coated glass compliance tests. • Studies on physical and chemical properties of various AR coatings and thin films. • Energy saving greenhouse (double glazed GroGlass AR units). • Developing and modeling designs for the new coated products for various applications;
• Developing procedures for optical measurements for various types of coated glass and glass substrates;
• Performing optical measurements on the specially designed equipment.
Projects with support from Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, The Latvian Environmental Investment Fund AND CENTRAL FINANCE AND CONTRACTING AGENCY
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