Art Framing - Reflection-Free Clarity and UV Protection

Artglass™—products that keep Art beautiful!

Framing glass for museums, collectibles, and works on paper

Artglass™ by GroGlass sets a new industry standard in framing glass. State-of-the-art technology allows Artglass™ to have the lowest visible light reflection, precisely tuned for unparalleled clarity and color correctness.

Artglass™ is ideal for framing graphics, watercolors, and photographs; as well as ultra-transparent displays for three-dimensional works of art, archival documents, collectibles and other valuables.

Designed especially for the art display industry

A magnetron-sputtered, anti-reflective coating virtually eliminates all reflections of visible light, making Artglass™ appear invisible and providing an unobstructed view of valuable objects displayed behind glass. Designed especially for the art-display industry, it incorporates several significant features:

  • Reflection free
  • Neutral reflected color
  • True color transparency and superior clarity of image
  • Several levels of UV protection—70%, 92% and up to 100%
  • Highest coating durability, suited for outdoor applications
  • Easy to clean