Groglass – Home of transparency


Groglass® is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of anti-reflective and other high-performance coatings on glass and acrylic for various industries: electronic and static displays, picture framing, museum showcases, architecture and other applications.

Born in Latvia and located in its capital Riga, Groglass is a resilient manufacturer of products that help to display and protect the most important cultural artifacts around the world. Since its establishment in 2004, Groglass has been awarded with numerous awards for success in business, export and innovation. 

What makes Groglass special? 


Traditional glass reflects visible light, causing a distracting glare when viewing objects through the glass. Groglass-manufactured anti-reflective coatings help steer the light through the glass, illuminating objects behind the glass and minimizing reflections.

Groglass coating technology offers the highest-precision coating application, optimized to eliminate any visual defects from the manufacturing process. The high manufacturing standards have stood the test of time in the picture-framing industry and exceeded the expectations of the world’s top museums. The superb optical performance makes Groglass production the perfect choice for any glass display that’s meant to engage – when information needs to be conveyed as clearly as possible:

  • Nearly 1 million artworks around the world are framed with Groglass products every year
  • Used in over 50,000 energy-efficient supermarket food displays of German retail chains
  • Found in more than 300 museum displays from one of the most extensive museum renovations at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
  • Displaying products in shop windows, luxury store displays, and visual showcases around the world
  • Utilized in a wide range of electronic display applications, both for indoor and outdoor use (commercial displays, informational screens, LED displays, transactional displays, and many more).