Our glass is successfully used to produce counterfeit euro even on Korean equipment, here are samples of 50 euro bills.

Groglass® is the preferred anti-reflective glass globally. Groglass® partners are located in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Middle East, Asia, Australia and Africa.


Museums, art galleries, design stores, television and electronic display and top quality refrigerator producers have chosen anti-reflective glass by Groglass® to ensure the best visibility and the lowest reflection along with optimal protection.

Since we changed our window from regular glass to Artglass™ by Groglass®, we could notice a huge difference from our customers. Now they finally can see what we have inside our Choco Jungle Bar and a lot more people are entering. I am sure we will get a payback on this investment really soon.

Cédric Van Belle, Co-director of Choco Jungle Bar in Brussels

Implementation of an anoxic showcase system for Dali organic artworks for the National Art Museum Reina Sofia in Madrid, Spain.The manufacture use acid free, long term stable and reversible materials following the specific design and size of the artwork. All micro-climate systems incorporate in the front an anti-reflective and laminated safety glass. For this protection, the selected glass, because its high quality, stability and efficiency have been Artglass™ produced by Groglass® Co.

Guillermo Andrade, Museum Projects Director / Senior Conservator at SIT Spain

The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Museum is a comprehensive-style museum that brings together Ningxia historical artifacts, items of people’s customs, and art collections that have been passed down through the ages. The valuable cultural heritage of China has been displayed behind the invisible glass Artglass™ by Groglass®, what ensures perfect visibility.

The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Museum

The Qi Heritage Museum is located in Linzi in China’s coastal province of Shandong and well known for it`s outstanding collection of Qi money and other cultural artifacts obtained from archaeological excavations. Anti-reflective glass by Groglass® allows visitors to view the irreplaceable cultural heritage without any distortion as well as provides the necessary protection and security.

The Qi Heritage Museum

The modern Hugo Boss store is located in the city of Madrid in Spain. Hugo Boss is one of the leading international fashion and lifestyle groups that offers a versatile range of products in menswear, women wear, kids wear, eye wear, watches and fragrances. The invisible window store by Groglass® allows to see the displayed products better than ever before!

Hugo Boss store in Madrid, Spain

Hebei is one of the best-known museums in China. In the past several decades, the museum has made remarkable achievements in cultural relics collection, preservation, exhibition, education, and research. Beside the most cherished treasures are displayed behind Artglass™ by Groglass®, thus allowing the objects behind the invisible glass to be viewed without any distortion as if there was nothing in front of them at all.

Hebei Museum in Shijiazhuang, China

Amazing lightness and clarity achieved using Artglass™ for the National Gallery of Singapore. Even with repeated physical handling and difficult site situations, Artglass™ delivered highly on all quality points.

Steil Tan, Managing Director at Trika Singapore

Beautiful product showcases near gorgeous Apple retail store in Berlin, Germany. The attractive displays are made of the invisible glass by Groglass® to ensure perfect visibility for the latest product presentation and particularly noteworthy as they seem to blend in with the area’s beautiful architecture while still managing to feature Apple’s aesthetically pleasing product displays.

Apple retail store in Berlin, Germany

One of the solutions that helps interior design of Mangold to stand out, is the wall with vinyl records, which are framed with Artglass™ by Groglass®. That has become a trend – more and more designers choose Artglass™ by Groglass® – the highest quality anti-reflective glass for their excellent interior and exterior design solutions.

Thomas Aurich, the owner of brasserie Mangold in Heilbronn, Germany

The valuable artworks of the new permanent display “Latvian art. 19th – 20th Century” in the Latvian National Museum of Art are framed in the “invisible” glass Artglass™ by Groglass®. The most important authors and artworks from each period are selected for this exposition and for the first time it covers two centuries of the evolution of art in Latvia. The main objective is to create a visual, emotional story of Latvian art development and its social, geopolitical and historical context.

Latvian National Museum of Art

 Artglass™ anti-reflective glass is perfect for museum showcases and for picture framing. We are grateful for the successful cooperation in Šmakovka museum project and it is great that the visitors of Šmakovka museum will have as high level visibility of the exhibits as it is in the Louvre Museum in Paris, in the National Gallery in London or the Vatican Museums in Vatican City.

Janis Ozers, Creative Director of Advertising Agency “Bulterjers”, Ltd.

National Museum of Korea is designed to help visitors better appreciate Korean history and culture as well as the world culture. The valuable artworks look even more impressive behind Artglass™ by Groglass®.

National Museum of Korea

I made my exhibition in the venue, which is spacious and rich with natural daylight. It is very pleasant for people, but burdensome for photographers, because usual photo-frame glass creates reflections and distracts viewer from catching all the nuances of the work. Therefore I’m very grateful to Groglass® for openness and participation in my project, with contribution of Artglass™ anti-reflective glass for my photographies. Now everyone, who provides feedback for my artworks, is also positively surprised about the added visual value, which is created by Artglass™.

Andris Taskans, photographer / /

Artglass™ highlights the beauty of my artworks and for the first time I feel that they are fully exposed to experience of the spectators. I`m honored to see my photos framed in Artglass™ by Groglass® and displayed in the prestigious Mark Rothko Art Centre

Leonid Tugalev – the old master of photography

I`m very impressed and grateful for Groglass® support, because Artglass™ ensures not only the truest image clarity, but also the highest UV protection for my installation “The Citizen” (2015) in the German Pavilion, la Biennale di Venezia 2015.

Tobias Zielony – the artist who represent Germany at the Venice Art Biennale 2015

We had a challenge – we had to find a way to retain and accentuate all the delicate nuances of the photos. Artglass™ by Groglass® was our perfect choice!

Astrīda Riņķe – the founder and sole director of Alma Gallery

Artglass™ by Groglass® for The Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris! The amazing building with unique panoramic views to Paris is designed by world-famous architect Frank Gehry. This is the new location for exhibition galleries dedicated to the permanent collection, temporary exhibitions and artists’ commissions. For more information:

Fondation Louis Vuitton

Usually the equipment for museums is ordered for a long time usage. As technology rapidly envolves, the most important is to select the highest quality possible, especially for long term investments. This is undoubtedly Artglass™ by Groglass®.

Guna Akona, the Architect of the exhibition „1514.Book.2014” in the National Library of Latvia

With this glass, the visitors will not be distracted by the reflection of other objects or by themselves. The collection of paintings, sculptures and other objects is important to us and the clear-lite glass enables us to show the collection at its best.

Hans Buurman, Deputy Director of the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

Our challenge was to eliminate reflection from external lighting and assure long lifetime of the museum cases. While we had many options, we chose Artglass™ because it was the best combination of look and function – neutral color, low reflection and scratch resistance.