In an effort to ensure top-quality products produced with the most modern technology, GroGlass® teams with several outstanding universities and research centers. By working with these institutions, GroGlass® contributes to the scientific body of knowledge while benefiting from rigorous scientific testing. Examples of specific collaborations include:

Institute Of Solid State Physics (Latvia)

  • Structural and chemical analysis of glass substrates and thin film/AR coatings, using methods of optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and X-Ray diffraction;
  • Studies of coated glass surface morphology, including wettability, using methods of optical and atomic force microscopy;
  • Measurements on film thickness and reflectometry, using ellipsometer and profilometer methods Studies on micromechanical characteristics of the coated glass, including measurements of micro-hardness, nano-density and modulus of elasticity, evaluation of fragility of the film and adhesion;
  • Studies on materials, surface technology and process technology for glass Cooperation in Eureka Project: “Development of a new production technology to temper vacuum coated glass”.

Sidrabe (Latvia)

  • Development and optimization of new technologies for vacuum coatings;
  • Development of technology for the commercial production of vacuum coated glass, using method of magnetron sputtering;
  • Development and construction of laboratory vacuum coating equipment;
  • Production and testing of the new products.

Wageningen University And Research Centre (Netherlands)

  • Research on the impact of anti-reflective glass on greenhouse microclimate and the photosynthesis process of the plants;
  • Measuring of optical properties of large-size coated glass on specially designed equipment (Ulbricht Integrating Sphere);
  • Equipping test greenhouses with GroGlass® AR coated glass for horticultural (crop management, physiology and modeling) and environmental durability tests;
  • Investigation on energy saving features of greenhouses, glazed with GroGlass® AR, ZoWaKAs project Participation in the Eureka Project: the development of a new production technology to temper vacuum coated glass.

TNO (Netherlands)

  • Testing and certification of the coated glass products;
  • Developing procedures and methods for the coated glass compliance tests.

Alfred University (USA)

  • Studies on physical and chemical properties of various AR coatings and thin films.

Leibniz Universität Hannover (Germany)

  • Energy saving greenhouse (double glazed GroGlass® AR units).

Omt Solutions (Netherlands)

  • Developing and modeling designs for the new coated products for various applications;
  • Developing procedures for optical measurements for various types of coated glass and glass substrates;
  • Performing optical measurements on the specially designed equipment.

Projects With Support From Investment And Development Agency Of Latvia, The Latvian Environmental Investment Fund and Central Finance And Contracting Agency