Put your life in a picture frame

Given the global situation, most of us are spending quite a lot of time at home, so actually there is just one thing left to do – be creative and use this time as best as you can. It’s true that we can’t travel, go to concerts or visit museums, but there is still a lot of room left for creating memories worth keeping. And we believe that a lot of you have shared some really beautiful moments with your loved ones, so this is the time to think about preserving those memories.

Download “Put your life in picture frame” song here:
music video
mp3 version

You can watch karoake version of song here.

This video and song from Artglass and the global framing community was made to show that there are a lot of ways to have quality time even when in in isolation, as well as to encourage people to visit frames shops once they are open again.

Just Frame It – framing community music video

We have always been inspired by the creativity and diversity of the custom framing industry. And we would like to give back in the best way we know how: to give the framing community tools for promoting the wonderful work they do for their customers!  In our newest music video  “Just Frame It” we have focused on inspiring the consumers with the variety of cherished memories and objects that can be framed – all packed with meaning and immense importance. 

See the music video, recognize your colleagues and sing along!  And share this video on your Social Media to inspire your customers!