Artglass™ by GroGlass® at the exhibition “1514. Book. 2014” in the National Library of Latvia

The exhibition “1514. Book. 2014” provides an insight into the 500 year history of the printed book, includes 80 books published in 1514 and is a unique and deeply personal chance to travel 500 years into the past to understand that the book was and is a powerful medium in every persons life.The year 1514 has been chosen as the point of reference, because people at that time experienced great changes in science, culture, religion, politics and 60 years after Gutenberg, authors and intellectuals had mastered the new possibilities of the printing press and works in the new medium of the printed book outnumbered manuscripts.The exhibition provides wide range of content – including works of humanists, liturgical and prayer books, calculating books, cookbooks, calendars, several handwritten manuscripts on parchments and even novels about knights. Physical leaf through of the exhibited books is not possible, however the books are accessible using interactive tablets placed next to each showcase. Moreover, the most important books are displayed in special climate controlling showcases with anti-reflective glass Artglass™ produced by GroGlass®, which is appreciated by the most important museums around the world and now is also safeguarding historical and cultural treasures in its home-land Latvia.

The invisible Artglass™ showcases allow visitors to observe centuries old books as if there was absolutely nothing in between. Artglass™ by GroGlass® virtually eliminates the reflection and provides nearly 100% protection from harmful UV radiation in order to preserve the valuable items.Company GroGlass® is honoured to be the supplier of anti-reflective glass for the new National Library of Latvia, especially at the time when Riga is chosen to be the European Capital of Culture. The National Library of Latvia, called the Castle of Light whose architectural references and draw inspiration from Latvian folklore, has become landmark of the city Riga and modern architecture. The architectural idea of the new building goes back to year 1994, and has been developed by Gunars Birkerts, world famous Latvian-American architect. Official opening ceremony of the new building will take place on 29th August, 2014, however the exhibition “1514.Book.2014” is on display in Book Museum Hall of the National Library of Latvia ( from 2nd July, 2014.