Christmas 2014 charity project

During this Holiday Season, we think back to our motto – See What’s Important and we cannot take for granted our ability to see the beauty of the world around us. Therefore, this Holiday Season we chose to support children with visual impairments.

“Liepiņa” is a preschool operating since 1993 and located in Liepāja – a city in Western Latvia.

This year, with support from Groglass®, children in “Liepiņa” will receive:

  • Chart to estimate visual acuity with lighting;
  • 4 school desks with lighting for children’s individual work and other furniture;
  • Special training materials for playing center;
  • Light table (EDU2) for developing children’s vision, touch and feelings;
  • Learning games (kinetic sands, corner reflector, the answer bell with lighting, large abacus, blackboard with light etc.).

And with this support the children:

  • Will be able to develop according to his / her individuality and visual possibilities by using modern and appropriate materials;
  • Will be able to engage in cognition of the world around us by using the role attributes of the scene plays and with the light table (for developing the sense of tactile);
  • Will develop the skills to navigate according to their visual capabilities;
  • Will develop skills to evaluate themselves and their abilities to succeed as well as express themselves among their peers;
  • And the new tables with lighting will allow children to take the necessary tasks to improve the vision.

Groglass® team is pleased to support children with visual impairments – to do some good work what is really important and that makes people happier. And many thanks for the lovely paintings from the children, what you can see below.