Cultural heritages framed in Artglass™ in Smakovka museum in Daugavpils

Last summer the largest and most contemporary Shmakovka Museum in Latvia opened its doors in Daugavpils. The museum offers modern and attractive story about the oldest alcoholic beverage Latgalian refined in the course of many centuries – shmakovka, which is an integral part of the culinary heritage. It is possible to learn the process of shmakovka production with the help of the latest technologies. Everyone can see genuine and impressive production equipment as well as taste the unique beverage.

Remarkable exposition is displayed in three halls and framed in Artglass™ by Groglass®. Design Authors “Advertising Agency” Bulterjers ” (

“Artglass™ anti-reflective glass is perfect for museum showcases and for picture framing. We are grateful for the successful cooperation in Shmakovka museum project and it is great that the visitors of Shmakovka museum will have as a high level visibility of the exhibits as it is in the Louvre Museum in Paris, in the National Gallery in London or the Vatican Museums in Vatican City, “says Janis Ozers, Creative Director of Advertising Agency” Bulterjers”, Ltd.

Welcome to Shmakovka museum in Daugavpils – potentially the only museum which in such way offers to see an integral part of cultural and historical, and gastronomical element of Latgale – homemade strong alcoholic drink shmakovka.

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