Groglass® donates Artglass™ to Latvian National Museum of Art

The Latvian National Museum of Art has re-glazed 69 artworks exhibited in the Room of Graphic Art and the Roerich Collection with the unique anti-reflective glass, produced in Latvia. Compared to the regular glass, Artglass™ reflects 13 times less light, which makes the glass in front of artwork virtually invisible. Without the annoying mirror-like reflections, the artwork behind the glass becomes more clear and visible. In addition, Artglass™ blocks most of the harmful UV radiation, preventing it from damaging the artwork displayed behind this glass.

“A little known fact is that art lovers and picture galleries around the world now associate the Latvian-made Artglass™ with the highest quality that can be obtained among current producers. The Pinacoteca of Brazil, the Basel Art Museum, have all recognized this advantage and are now displaying their most prized works behind Latvian-made Artglass™. GroGlass®, the producer of this glass, has recently donated glass for 68 treasured works displayed at the Latvian National Museum of Art’s Graphics Room and Roerich room. And the good news for the Baltic museums and galleries is that they can now obtain the best glass in the world, but without intermediary margins and high transportation costs.” says SIA GroGlass chairman of the board Alexander Kelberg.

GroGlass® started its operations in 2008. Company produced glass with anti-reflective coating is used in construction, in electronic displays, in art framing, in solar energy absorption panels and in greenhouse construction. Processed glass is used also in other areas, if additional light transmission or decrease of reflections is needed.

In 2010 GroGlass® is working on research to design the glass coating that would ensure energy saving and decrease the gas emission effect, creating both invisible and energy-efficient glass that could be used in architecture, lighting fixtures, as well as in shop equipment, e.g. cold displays, production.