“Groglass” introduce a hybrid working model also after the pandemic


The high technology glass coating manufacturer “Groglass” will introduce a permanent hybrid working model also after the pandemic, combining onsite and remote work opportunities, told the company representatives.

“Groglass” introduce a new policy, which will adjust the work organisation to specific goals of productivity, also providing for onsite cooperation and meetings in order to promote creativity and sense of belonging to the team and company. An essential goal of the new procedure is also to ensure clarity of the future of work organisation.

“The period of pandemic has shown that combined solutions, i.e., both remote, and onsite work, do not lower and even raise the productivity, at the same time improving the balance between employee’s time spent for work and with family, as well as the quality of life, which is of particular importance during a crisis. We have decided to introduce permanently the model that showed it great in practice during the pandemic. The hybrid model with a combined approach to presence at the office allows us not only to improve well-being of people, but also provides better opportunities for attracting the most capable staff, as we see that modern talents seek for flexibility,” states Aleksandrs Saša Kelbergs, the founder and Chairman of the Board of “Groglass”.

Within the framework of the new working procedure “Groglass” will provide the employees with the necessary technical equipment for needs of remote and onsite work.

“Groglass” emphasize that studies conducted by the business management consulting company “McKinsey & Company” show – more than half of employees would like to have a flexible working model also after the pandemic, approximately one third of colleagues would like to fully return to onsite work environment, and only about one tenth of employees would choose only remote work opportunities.

At the same time, studies of “McKinsey” show that clarity about the work future is currently very important for employees, because uncertainty increases the already increased level of stress during Covid-19 crisis.


Reference: https://www.delfi.lv/bizness/biznesa_vide/groglass-ievies-hibrida-darba-modeli-ari-pec-pandemijas.d?id=53218811