GroGlass® nomination for German Business Award 2012

GroGlass® was nominated by German–Baltic Chamber of Commerce (AHK) for the German Business Award 2012. This year award’s motto was ‘Made for Germany’ to acclaim Latvian companies, who are offering locally manufactured products for German market. From all applicants GroGlass® was selected in Top 6 Finalists group, who were interviewed by the jury- managers of well-known German companies represented in Latvia (like Mercedes, Sixt, Bosch and others). Jury had visited all finalists, including GroGlass®, and they were impressed by the high level of technology and GroGlass® achievements, of course GroGlass® invisible glass (Artglass™ and Sapphire™) left them speechless, too. Although GoGlass® didn’t win the first place, acknowledgment to be among finalists is an honour and recognition of GroGlass® successful business with German companies. Award ceremony took place on June 12 at Domenikss, official dealer of Mercedes in Latvia. It was the 14th award presented to Latvian companies by German –Baltic Chamber of Commerce. For more information about German Business Award 2012 please visit