Groglass® – one of the best exporters in Latvia

Groglass® was announced for one of the best exporters in Latvia in the Export Excellence Forum 2015, what took place in the Palladium concert hall on the 22nd of October.
During the event, special Red Jackets were awarded to the 25 most successful exporters and the Red Vests to the ten most promising companies – Rising Stars.
The companies were judged according to various criteria, chief among which were -the company has to be a brand created in Latvia and it has to export goods or services worth at least 1 million euros. As a result, out of the country’s 1350 biggest exporters, the 100 most suitable were selected, of whom 25 received the Red Jackets.
“If we do something, then we do it exceptionally good, otherwise it is not worth trying,” said Vaira Vike-Freiberga – the former president of Latvia.
The Export Excellence Forum is organised by the Red jackets movement which has set a target to identify the hundred most visible and popular Latvian export brands, in advance of the centennial of Latvia’s statehood.
The Red Jackets movement was established in 2012 to make Latvia’s name known abroad by telling about its most successful exporters. The founders of the movement are SIA GatewayBaltic, the advertising agency DDB Latvia, the brand incubation Matka, the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and SIA MRS grupa.