Groglass® sponsors talented and perspective photographer Nils Vilnis

Nils Vilnis explains his idea of making “short-exposure theory” photo session: “In human head thoughts fly in an endless stream, they have different manifestations and forms: memories, imagination, associations, feelings and beliefs. Our face is like a projector, but our thoughts are similar to the slides, which our imagination is changing at high speed. All these manifestations of the infinite consciousness can be caught, but they are not so easy to see and remember with the naked eye. If someone doubts, that is an ambiguous emotion, it is more likely like a concentration of many different emotions, but as that doubt is like a swing, emotions run around in circles.”

The author’s chosen method of photography became an integral part of underlining and highlighting the purity of the moment caught. As a result, people got almost supernatural image that moved them somewhere between heaven and earth.

The exibiton Purgatory took place from 2nd to 22nd June, 2011 in Riga. All of the photographs in the exibition were framed with Artglass™  by GroGlass®.

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