Groglass® supports young and talented photographer Andris Taskans

Groglass® keeps supporting young and talented artists – this time the photographer Andris Taskans (
The photo exhibition GAISMA (LIGHT) is taking place in restaurant GUSTO ( starting from the 1st of October 2015 till the 2nd of January 2016.
The author of the photo exhibition invites visitors to travel to three different countries – Cuba, Portugal, Montenegro to see that also in sunny countries it is raining, the sky is grey and cloudy, but afterwards it`s again sunny and the light comes back.
The photos are framed in anti-reflective Artglass™ by Groglass® and the photographer comments: “I made my exhibition in the venue, which is spacious and rich with natural daylight. It is very pleasant for people, but burdensome for photographers, because usual photo-frame glass creates reflections and distracts viewer from catching all the nuances of the work. Therefore I’m very grateful to Groglass® for openness and participation in my project, with contribution of Artglass™ anti-reflective glass for my photographies. Now everyone, who provides feedback for my artworks, is also positively surprised about the added visual value, which is created by Artglass™.”