Invisible interactive displays at Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

Museums are boring? Visit the new incarnation of the Wonderkamers at the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, The Netherlands and you’ll never say so again!

The new interactive displays offer an amazingly fresh and entertaining introduction to fine art, the decorative arts, architecture and fashion. To ensure the best experience for the visitors museum uses anti-reflective glass Artglass™ that limits annoying reflections and together with the latest exhibition technology brings the visual arts to life through a computer game that places the individual visitor at centre stage.

Deputy Director of the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag Hans Buurman states: “With this glass, the visitors will not be distracted by the reflection of other objects or by themselves. The collection of paintings, sculptures and other objects is important to us and the clear-lite glass enables us to show the collection at its best.”

The Wonderkamers adventure begins with a film in which director Benno Tempel asks for help with the arranging displays in the Magic Middle, a unique building housing miniature artworks by top Dutch and international artists, all from the collection of Ria & Lex Daniëls. Visitors are then sent off in pairs, electronic tablet in hand, to explore thirteen spectacular display areas addressing a wide range of themes. They discover a wonderful world in which they can turn themselves into haute couture models or learn to dance the Boogie Woogie from no less an expert than the great Mondrian himself.

One of the Gemeentemuseum’s main aims is to interest a wider public in classic modern and contemporary art. A few years ago, it developed the Wonderkamers as part of this outreach effort. The new, totally transformed Wonderkamers presentation is more interactive than ever before.

Director Benno Tempel: “The Wonderkamers offer a totally different experience compared to a traditional museum. This is a fantastic outing for parents or grandparents with children and an extended learning environment for schools. The Wonderkamers are a challenge to anyone aged 10 and over. The only question is: Are you up for it?”