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Thank you for visiting us at The Museums + Heritage Show in London! It was a great exhibition full with positive energy, smiles, interest and surprise of seeing “the invisible”. It was our honour to meet industry experts, specialists and consultants, conservations and design professionals, architects and museum representatives. The visitors clearly saw the benefits of Artglass™ products that are designed for excellent clarity, easiest handling and optimal protection and have been the first choice for museums and art galleries around the world. Your recognition has charged our batteries for long time and we are looking forward to work with you. We hope that the show was inspiring also for you and now together we can go towards new goals!

Thank you for sharing your insights and recommendations! We have learned a lot and hope to be better partners for you and your clients and bring more and more new visitors to museums, galleries, cultural and heritage visitor attractions!

We would like to thank also Investment and Development Agency of Latvia for financial support and cooperation provided for participation at The Museums + Heritage Show!