Welcome to Netherfield Conference 2014!

Groglass® is sponsoring the annual museum industry conference for curators, conservators, designers, architects and all the other industry experts and influencers, overall around 120 museum delegates are expected to participate. It will be an exciting opportunity for attendees to gather information about current technologies and trends in the display case industry and even more. Last year ClickNetherfield conference was hosted in Qatar and it was very successful – well-organized, well-attended and well-regarded. This year the conference will be held in the largest museum of European art in Moscow, Russia – Pushkin State Museum. Groglass® is glad to be part of the conference and present the benefits of using anti-reflective glass in museum display cases. We believe that it will be a very interesting topic for those museum experts who are planning to use anti-reflective glass for collections, and also for those who already have experience with such glass.We look forward to see you at the Netherfield Conference on 7th of October 2014! For more information and registration visit: http://www.clicknetherfieldevents.com/events.asp.