Groglass to help restore Notre Dame Cathedral by providing high-performance glass for artworks and artifacts

We have committed to supporting efforts to restore Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral by providing Artglass anti-reflective and UV protective glass.

“Today, Groglass sent a letter to the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, with our condolences and pledging our help. We will also contact the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to coordinate our company’s international activities if needed. In the face of such tragedy, we feel obliged to support the restoration of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, because the Cathedral is not just a treasure of Paris or France, it is a part of whole mankind’s heritage,” says Groglass founder and CEO Alexander Sasha Kelberg.

As many of the Cathedral’s valuable items have been moved to the Louvre Museum for restoration and reglazing, Groglass offers the Louvre Museum to contact the company for choosing the best glazing solutions suitable for the reborn exhibit.

Artglass, made by Groglass, is the most used anti-reflective glass in Europe, already framing millions of artworks across the world, including at the Louvre Museum as well as other leading museums in France.  At the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Artglass invisible glass is used in some 300 showcases in a vandal-resistant configuration. 

Artworks and historic artefacts are usually kept behind the so-called “invisible glass”, which is specially treated with optical nano coatings, allowing the best view of the displayed works, free of distracting reflections, while at the same time protecting these precious objects from the damaging effects of UV light.

Letter of the intent to Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo.