Groglass® dalība WCAF 2012

GroGlass® 2011. gada 21. novembrī noslēdza līgumu ar Latvijas Investīciju un attīstības aģentūru (LIAA) par projekta “SIA GroGlass dalība starptautiskajā izstādē “West Coast ART” Frame Show 2012″ īstenošanu. Izstāde notika no 2012. gada 30. janvāra līdz 1. februārim, Lasvegasā, ASV.

Artglass™ at Interstice, contemporary art exhibition

From 23rd July till 14th August the visitors of Cesis Art festival 2011 were welcomed to visit the exhibition Ilgas of Alnis Stakle, the winner of the global contest Sony World Photography Award 2011.

Ilgas manor house, built in baroque style during the1890s, currently holds the study basis of Daugavpils University (Latvia). Located in the border zone between Latvia and Belarus it can be only visited with a special State Border Guard permission. “During my first visit at Ilgas, I have met 45 female students living there in extreme survival-reality-show-like conditions. I was amazed by the symbiosis of the interior of the ancient manor house and these young ladies. In fashion photography, films and many documentary photography projects similar combinations of the female body and old interior are exploited to create narrations where the combination of lust, sexuality and environment’s apparent menace is used as an instrument to draw viewers’ attention. My aim in photographing the Ilgas series was, by drawing on the characteristic language of documentary photography, to reveal the documentary narration and create images that can be interpreted by using a wide range of meaning constructions from the viewer’s past experience” reflects Alnis Stakle.

All of the photos were glazed with Artglass™ by GroGlass®. ”Thanks to Artglass™ the appearance of my photos was absolutely phenomenal. This certainly was the best design of the exhibition I have ever had. I had to convince a number of the visitors, that there is any glass in front of my pictures”, points out Alnis Stakle after the exhibition.

GroGlass® piedalās aktivitātes „Jaunu produktu un tehnoloģiju ieviešana ražošanā 2. kārta” īstenošanā

No 2011. gada 7. marta līdz 2012. gada 7. septembrim tiek realizēts projekts “JAUNĀS PAAUDZES 3D (trīsdimensiju) DISPLEJU STIKLA AR ANTIREFLEKTĪVO PĀRKLĀJUMU IEVIEŠANA RAŽOŠANĀ” Līgums Nr. L-JPR-11-0111(projekta Nr. JPR/

GroGlass® dalība aktivitātē Kompetences centri

SIA GroGlass ir iesaistījies kā sadarbības partneris SIA “Vides, bioenerģētikas un biotehnoloģijas kompetences centrs” pētniecības projektu īstenošanā, pamatojoties uz 2011.gada 11. aprīlī noslēgto līgumu Nr. L-KC-11-0005 (projekta Nr.KC/ par projekta “Vides, bioenerģētikas un biotehnoloģijas kompetences centrs” īstenošanu ar VA “Latvijas Investīciju un attīstības aģentūra” Vides, Bioenerģētikas un Biotehnoloģijas kompetences centrs.

GroGlass® dalība Tīro tehnoloģiju klasterā

SIA GroGlass dalība izstādē Glasstec 2012

2013. gada 27. februārī GroGlass® parakstīja līgumu ar Latvijas Investīciju un attīstības aģentūru par projekta “SIA GroGlass dalība starptautiskajā izstādē Glasstec 2012” īstenošanu. Līguma Nr. L-?TA-13-1338, projekta Nr. ĀTA/

GroGlass® grant 2011/2012 for solid state physics students

GroGlass® is glad to announce beginning of the scholarship application round 2011/2012 for talented physics and mathematics faculty students, who are willing to develop and amplify their knowledge in the field of solid state physics, particularly in the research of anti-reflective coatings.

GroGlass® scholarships are available for students of second, third and fourth year undergraduate studies as well as postgraduate study programmes in physics and mathematics faculty in University of Latvia.

GroGlass® Solid State Physics Grant was founded in 2007 and GroGlass® already had an honour to support several brilliant students for achievements in researches devoted to solid state physics.

Students are welcomed to enrol for GroGlass® grant from 29th August, 2011 till 29th September, 2011.For more information visit University of Latvia Fund homepage.

Groglass® sponsors talented and perspective photographer Nils Vilnis

Nils Vilnis explains his idea of making “short-exposure theory” photo session: “In human head thoughts fly in an endless stream, they have different manifestations and forms: memories, imagination, associations, feelings and beliefs. Our face is like a projector, but our thoughts are similar to the slides, which our imagination is changing at high speed. All these manifestations of the infinite consciousness can be caught, but they are not so easy to see and remember with the naked eye. If someone doubts, that is an ambiguous emotion, it is more likely like a concentration of many different emotions, but as that doubt is like a swing, emotions run around in circles.”

The author’s chosen method of photography became an integral part of underlining and highlighting the purity of the moment caught. As a result, people got almost supernatural image that moved them somewhere between heaven and earth.

The exibiton Purgatory took place from 2nd to 22nd June, 2011 in Riga. All of the photographs in the exibition were framed with Artglass™  by GroGlass®.

Find more about Nils Vilnis on

GroGlass® products are covered by the harmonized European Standards

Welcome to GroGlass® CE marking! Products are marked CE if they were verified for complicity with all relevant essential requirements before being placed on the market and are conformed to the harmonized European Standards. “New Approach Directives” provides essential requirements for all product groups through various product directives, including glass products.

We are pleased to announce that GroGlass® products have successfully passed the examination for conformity and were marked CE.

Artglass™ at West Coast Art & Frame Show in January 2011

The GroGlass® booth was divided into 2 parts: one part was showing the benefits of Artglas™ in a gallery of 6 pictures and second part was explaining the science behind such performance of the glass as well as benefits of surface smoothness, cleanability and scratch-resistance. Once again we would like to thank all GroGlass® booth attendees for the interest in our products. More information about the trade show you may find here

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