GroGlass® products are covered by the harmonized European Standards

Welcome to GroGlass® CE marking! Products are marked CE if they were verified for complicity with all relevant essential requirements before being placed on the market and are conformed to the harmonized European Standards. “New Approach Directives” provides essential requirements for all product groups through various product directives, including glass products.

We are pleased to announce that GroGlass® products have successfully passed the examination for conformity and were marked CE.

Artglass™ at West Coast Art & Frame Show in January 2011

The GroGlass® booth was divided into 2 parts: one part was showing the benefits of Artglas™ in a gallery of 6 pictures and second part was explaining the science behind such performance of the glass as well as benefits of surface smoothness, cleanability and scratch-resistance. Once again we would like to thank all GroGlass® booth attendees for the interest in our products. More information about the trade show you may find here

Groglass® donates Artglass™ to Latvian National Museum of Art

The Latvian National Museum of Art has re-glazed 69 artworks exhibited in the Room of Graphic Art and the Roerich Collection with the unique anti-reflective glass, produced in Latvia. Compared to the regular glass, Artglass™ reflects 13 times less light, which makes the glass in front of artwork virtually invisible. Without the annoying mirror-like reflections, the artwork behind the glass becomes more clear and visible. In addition, Artglass™ blocks most of the harmful UV radiation, preventing it from damaging the artwork displayed behind this glass.

“A little known fact is that art lovers and picture galleries around the world now associate the Latvian-made Artglass™ with the highest quality that can be obtained among current producers. The Pinacoteca of Brazil, the Basel Art Museum, have all recognized this advantage and are now displaying their most prized works behind Latvian-made Artglass™. GroGlass®, the producer of this glass, has recently donated glass for 68 treasured works displayed at the Latvian National Museum of Art’s Graphics Room and Roerich room. And the good news for the Baltic museums and galleries is that they can now obtain the best glass in the world, but without intermediary margins and high transportation costs.” says SIA GroGlass chairman of the board Alexander Kelberg.

GroGlass® started its operations in 2008. Company produced glass with anti-reflective coating is used in construction, in electronic displays, in art framing, in solar energy absorption panels and in greenhouse construction. Processed glass is used also in other areas, if additional light transmission or decrease of reflections is needed.

In 2010 GroGlass® is working on research to design the glass coating that would ensure energy saving and decrease the gas emission effect, creating both invisible and energy-efficient glass that could be used in architecture, lighting fixtures, as well as in shop equipment, e.g. cold displays, production.

GroGlass® to represent Latvia in Europe’s most competitive business awards competition

On July 8th, 2010 the European Business Awards sponsored by HSBC ( announced that GroGlass SIA is to represent Latvia in the prestigious 2010 Awards programme. GroGlass SIA beat off stiff competition to be selected as one of 10 Country Representatives and will now compete for a coveted Ruban d’Honneur in the next round of the competition. Final category Award winners will be unveiled in Paris on 16th November.

Now in its fourth successful year, the European Business Awards has identified some of Europe’s brightest businesses based on their ability to demonstrate the three core principles at the heart of the Awards programme. The esteemed panel of judges were looking for organisations to represent Latvia who exhibited innovation, business excellence and sustainability.

Speaking about this announcement, Alexander Sasha Kelberg, CEO of GroGlass SIA said: “It is a great honour to be selected to represent Latvia. We see many challenges ahead of our company, but it feels wonderful to be recognized for the hard work that our team has been doing for the past several years. Since starting operations nearly 2 years ago, we have made great progress producing anti-reflective glass coatings for art-framing, architecture, displays, solar panels and greenhouses and it’s an honour to be recognised as one of the leading organisations in our country and in our field. We hope that our drive for innovation will result in a successful high technology business that Latvia could be proud of.”

The European Business Awards is dedicated to raising the visibility and progress of companies who excel in delivering innovation twinned with successful commercial results whilst acting responsibly and positively affecting the social environment they operate in. In 2009, the 99 Ruban d’Honneur recipients had a combined turnover greater than €570 billion and recorded an average annual profit growth of 56%.

Adrian Tripp, CEO of the European Business Awards says, “Over the past 4 years we’ve received an incredibly high standard of entries from organisations who are passionate about their business. However, very few get the chance to fly the flag for their country and compete across Europe to be recognised as one of the EU’s leading companies. It really is an exceptional accolade to be picked as a Country Representative, and together with HSBC we’re looking forward to seeing Latvia in the next round.”

Alan Keir, HSBC Group General Manager and Global Co-Head Commercial Banking, comments, “As we start to turn the corner from what has been an unprecedented chapter for businesses, we believe it is essential that we both acknowledge and celebrate the ingenuity that has enabled many companies to survive and often thrive across Europe during this time.

Visit GroGlass® at West Coast Art & Frame Show, January 24-26, 2011

You are very welcome to attend our booth #1115 at WCAF in Las Vegas this year, where our Artglass™  products line will be presented. More information about trade show you may find here


For the first time in Latvia a unique glass is used in the store window

On April 7th, 2010 for the first time in Latvia in the store window a unique window has been installed – a premier wine store “Vintage” in Riga was the first to be glazed with Diamond by Groglass® anti reflective glass.

Diamond by GroGlass® with an anti-reflective coating installed in double glazed unit, compared to the usual DGU window, reflects 15 times less light, which makes double glass barely noticeable, easy to see through, and eliminates the appearance of mirror-like effects.

At the time when for business it is particularly important to increase customer traffic and turnover, the developer has decided to install the glass with anti-reflective coating, in order to provide much better through view and make the products displayed in the shop much more visible and attractive.

USA ambassador visits GroGlass®’ facilities in Riga

On March 3rd, 2010 USA ambassador Judith G. Garber visited GroGlass® facilities. The aim of the visit was to learn more about companies which are supported with investment from USA. Ambassador was delighted to find out that Groglass® is a very innovative company which has already impressed many customers around the world with the premium anti-reflective glass coatings.

After visit ambassador Garber said:

GroGlass® provides a great example of the kind of export-oriented, high-technology industry that every country hopes to attract. I am proud to see American entrepreneurs advancing this kind of business in Latvia.

NIR-Block product development

Product developed with the project support: GroGlass™ NIR-Block

Participation in Glasstec 2010

Participation in Glasstec 2010 was supported by Investment and Development agency of Latvia.

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