For the first time in Latvia a unique glass is used in the store window

On April 7th, 2010 for the first time in Latvia in the store window a unique window has been installed – a premier wine store “Vintage” in Riga was the first to be glazed with Diamond by Groglass® anti reflective glass.

Diamond by GroGlass® with an anti-reflective coating installed in double glazed unit, compared to the usual DGU window, reflects 15 times less light, which makes double glass barely noticeable, easy to see through, and eliminates the appearance of mirror-like effects.

At the time when for business it is particularly important to increase customer traffic and turnover, the developer has decided to install the glass with anti-reflective coating, in order to provide much better through view and make the products displayed in the shop much more visible and attractive.

USA ambassador visits GroGlass®’ facilities in Riga

On March 3rd, 2010 USA ambassador Judith G. Garber visited GroGlass® facilities. The aim of the visit was to learn more about companies which are supported with investment from USA. Ambassador was delighted to find out that Groglass® is a very innovative company which has already impressed many customers around the world with the premium anti-reflective glass coatings.

After visit ambassador Garber said:

GroGlass® provides a great example of the kind of export-oriented, high-technology industry that every country hopes to attract. I am proud to see American entrepreneurs advancing this kind of business in Latvia.

NIR-Block product development

Product developed with the project support: GroGlass™ NIR-Block

Participation in Glasstec 2010

Participation in Glasstec 2010 was supported by Investment and Development agency of Latvia.

Energoefektīva saules paneļu stikla izstrāde

Groglass® noslēdza  ar LR Vides ministriju un SIA „Vides investīciju fonds” līgumu Nr. KPFI2/14.

Participation in WCAF 2011

Participation in WCAF was supported by Investment and Development agency of Latvia.

GroGlass® presents scholarship to future scientists

For the second consecutive year, GroGlass® supports young people who are studying at the Latvian Institute for Solid State Physics (part of the University of Latvia). By starting this scholarship, GroGlass® hopes to motivate bright young minds to study physics, since we see an investment in the future of our country’s education as fulfilling our role of a socially responsible enterprise.The award ceremony took place on November 12, 2009 and this year a scholarship was awarded to Edgars Nitišs, a Master’s degree student, a very impressive young man with a good background in physics. His Master’s thesis focuses on electro optics.The scholarship was presented in cooperation with the University of Latvia Foundation, which was founded in 2004 with an aim to establish relationships with sponsors and patrons of the University of Latvian, to provide scholarships and other kinds of support to students, lecturers and researchers.For more information about University of Latvia please visit:

GroGlass® Wins the “Innovator of the Year” Award

On October 22nd 2009 annual ceremony of Swedish Business Awards took place in Riga, Latvia. GroGlass®’ technology, providing the best anti-reflective glass in the industry, impressed the jury, which awarded GroGlass® the nomination “Innovator of the Year”.  The award was presented to GroGlass®’ Managing Director Alexander Kelberg by Swedish Ambassador Mr. Mats Staffansson. Established several years ago, The Swedish Business Awards have become a tradition in the Baltic States. The following nominations are honored annually: “Fastest growing Swedish company in Latvia”, “Corporate Social Responsibility” and “Innovator of the Year”.

The award ceremony was combined with the conference on current economic trends and strategies with participation from several distinguished speakers, including representatives from Swedbank, University of Cambridge and CSR Europe.For more information about Swedish Business Awards visit: