Artglass 99

Artglass 99 looks like regular glass, but it provides the maximum UV protection for items that are meant to be enjoyed for generations. The 99% UV block meets the conservation standards of the leading art and framing institutions.

The 99% UV protection is achieved by applying an ultra-thin coating on one side of the glass that absorbs 99% of the incoming UV rays.


See more of what Artglass 99 has to offer:

  • 99% UV protection
  • Helps prevent treasured items from fading
  • Crisp image resolution
  • No “orange peel” effect surface distortion
  • Meets requirements of the standard ISO 18902
  • Conservation grade glass according to photographic activity test  (PAT) ISO 18916
  • Follows the standards of the Fine Art Trade Guild and Professional Picture Framers Association
  • 99% conservation level UV block is certified by the national physical laboratory in the UK according to EN 410



Reflection Transmission UV-protection Thickness, mm
Artglass AR 99 Water White <1% ~98% ~99% 2
Artglass Lifetime Acrylic <1% >98% ~99% 3
Artglass AR 70 <1% >99% >70% 2-3
Artglass AR 92 <1% >98% ~92% 2-3
Artglass AR 99 Protect <1% ~98% up to 100% 4.4 – 13.5
Artglass 99 ~8% ~89% ~99% 2
  • Up to 2250x3210mm big sheets are available, while most popular are the cut-sizes, e.g., 1000x1600mm; 1200x1600mm and 1219x2050mm.
  • Sheets in standard inch sizes are also available, e.g., 24”x36”, 32″x40″ and others.
  • UV protection is calculated as an average UV light blocking capability in 280-380 nm spectral region.
  • For other glass thickness please contact us at
  • The values are calculated for 2mm thick glass, based on the Standard DIN EN 410
  • For additional technical documentation please follow this link