Sapphire AR™

Sapphire anti-reflective glass is widely used across industries, due to its improved light transmission and high-performance coating design. Sapphire AR is manufactured in compliance with ISO standards, in one of the largest double-sided magnetron deposition systems in the world.


  • No reflection – less than 0.5% per surface
  • Improved transmission – up to 99%
  • Easy to clean and abrasion-resistant – meets ISO standards
  • Available with 1-sided and 2-sided anti-reflective coating
  • Neutral reflection color and no color shift under an angle
  • Suitable for post-processing*
  • Easy to adapt – can be combined with LOW-E and other functional coatings
  • High durability and long lifetime of the coating


Glass substrate Thickness, mm Maximum size, mm Reflection Transmission UV-protection
Sapphire AR Clear ™ Low-iron 3-12 2250×3210 <1% ~99% 63% or 70%
Sapphire AR Classic ™ Regular float 4 and 6 2250×3210 <1% ~98% ~70%
  • For other glass thicknesses please contact us at
  • UV protection is calculated as an average UV light blocking capability in 280-380 nm spectral region
  • The values are calculated for 4mm thick glass, based on the Standard DIN EN 410
  • For additional technical documentation please follow this link

References (Architecture)

  • Singapore ZOO in Singapore
  • Hugo Boss store in Madrid, Spain
  • Porsche design store in Munich, Germany
  • Dior stores in Chicago, USA
  • Botanic Garden in Berlin, Germany

* – Institutions listed above, are for informational purposes only and do not imply endorsement of any products by the institutions or their employees.


  • Architectural interiors
  • Facades
  • Shop fronts
  • Museums
  • Panoramic restaurants
  • Showrooms
  • Luxury commercial decoration
  • Stadiums/arenas
  • Waiting rooms
  • Display windows
  • Design elements
  • Partition walls
  • Cash dispensers
  • Display cases
  • Balustrades
  • Store fixtures
  • Lobbies
  • Foyers
  • TV and recording studios
  • Observation rooms
  • Display units
  • Internal partitions