Sapphire AR Beamsplitter™

Sapphire AR Beamsplitter is renowned for its “no ghosting” effect and high optical performance. The beamsplitter products range between 35% and 50% reflectance,  providing a partially transparent,  uniform, and durable coating design. Sapphire AR Beamsplitter has an elegant reflection color that remains stable under various angles of viewing.

 Sapphire AR beamsplitter has the following features and benefits:

  • No ghosting
  • Easy to process to your specifications
  • High durability and long lifetime of the coating
  • Exceptional cleanability and scratch-resistance


Glass Substrate Thickness, mm Sheet Size, mm Light Reflection Light Transmission
Sapphire AR BEAMSPLITTER  Low-iron 3 and 4 2250×3210 35±3% 65±3%
 Sapphire AR BEAMSPLITTER HIGH Low-iron 3 and 4  2250×3210 48±3% 52±3%
  • For other glass thicknesses please contact us at
  • Light reflection 35% +/- 3% (at 45° angle) on the High Reflective side and <% (at 45 angle) on the Anti-Reflective side.
  • The values are calculated for 4mm thick glass, based on the Standard DIN EN 410
  • For additional technical documentation please follow this link


  • Teleprompters for Television
  • Teleprompters for Conferencing
  • Head-Up Displays