Sapphire AR™ (Lighting)

Anti-reflective coatings on glass for lighting applications provide the highest light transmission to save energy. Sapphire by Groglass ensures that the maximum amount of light gets steered through the glass and illuminates with the highest efficiency. For outdoor lighting, this can mean significant energy savings by requiring less energy for the same lighting brightness. The top coating by Groglass ensures durable and maintainable glass products with exceptional quality.

Sapphire anti-reflective glass can improve the efficiency of most lighting objects that use glass as protection for the light source.

Street lights
Tunnel and infrastructure lighting
Stadium lighting fixtures
Industrial and retail lighting

Sapphire by Groglass for lighting – data sheet

Anti-reflective coated glass facilitates a notable enhancement in light transmission, with gains typically ranging from 7-8% depending on the angle of incidence. This improvement is particularly pronounced when compared to conventional uncoated glass.


  • Low iron substrate for maximum transparency
  • Optical 2-sided anti-reflective coatings for minimized reflections (~1%)
  • Improved light transmission, up to 98%
  • Available in 2-12 mm glass thicknesses, size up to 2250 x 3210 mm
  • Easy to process to your specifications
  • Abrasion-resistant and easy to clean
  • High durability and long lifetime of the coating
  • For additional technical documentation please follow this link.

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